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“Clarity of what matters provides clarity of what does not”

Cal Newport


Creating high impact value to our clients is important to us. Thus we monitor the true difference we make through data. This is the result from a recent project aiming to create desirable and sustainable worklife strategies. Within five months we made this amazing change:

25% higher level of accomplishment

25% deeper level of work (original and complex thinking)

56% higher level of reflections (enough to start rethinking/innovating)

Never do busy days prevent me anymore from living the life that I desire

36% lower level of stress


Are you looking for a way to improve the way you and your organisation work? Do you need a simple toolbox to start creating a more sustainable and desirable work culture in your department or among your leadership team? Are you ready for change?

The FUTUREWORKS framework is a low investment to create a high impact on your worklife. Through inspiring workshops and eyeopening experiments you and your team will grow at a speed you’ve probably never seen before. We will be taking you on a tour through new ways of working focusing on day designs, circadian rhythms, attention span and digital habits and many other things.

We believe that the road to organisational culture transformation is build from the bottom up – one brave step at a time. Our philosophy is based on the daring leadership principles, the learning leadership principles and the experimental leadership principles. Our methodology is based on hard facts of science, research and data. Our promise to you is high impact on important growth factors such as: Learning, creativity, performance, energy, and life quality.

Tailormade workshops and projects from 4 hours to a full year.

FUTUREWORKS provides leadership training as well as executive coaching. Through individual coaching sessions we provide you with a fast-track to a more sustainable and desirable worklife. Typically we have cleared it within a few coaching sessions to create an inspiring work-life filled with energy, direction and purpose.

Additionally we offer a 2-day executive training in the HIPE[uppercase:TM]-mindset. Through two days we provide a tour de force of science, philosophy, technologies, rituals and methods – used by today’s most impactful innovators. HIPE is a trampoline for your mindset, that empowers you, to create breakthrough ideas, commercial successes and a vibrating everyday living.

HIPE is a toolbox for teams, organizations, ambitious individuals and leaders.

“HIPE is absolutely mind-blowing” Sr Director, Nuuday

HIPE Executive Leadership 2-day masterclass teaches you to be the most inspiring leader of your team through happiness, inspiration, performance and energy setting. This master class teaches you the basic skills and rituals you need to learn in order to elevate your wellbeing, mindset, performance and energy for the rest of your life. Join this leadership class and feel the success and wellbeing of your team.

Send us an email if you want to learn more about HIPE Leadership Masterclasses.

Are you looking for an inspirational keynote or workshop for your off-site or team building event? FUTUREWORKS provides you with energy, direction, transforming insights through power talks and motivational debates and workshops. Our key focus is on new ways of working with a special focus on day designs, circadian rhythms, historically low attention span and pointless digital habits and many other things.

Condensed insights and life learnings in a 60-90 min power talk packed with inspiration, research, cases, what if’s, questioning status quo and a loving kick in your ***. The power talk helps you to lift discussions and perspectives into a higher level and creating a mindset ready for change.

FUTUREWORKS helps you to rethink the way you talk about work; the way you work with sustainable and desirable work-lives; the way you hoste good stewardship of your worklife; and handle stress in a proactive way.


The most important thing for us is to make impactful changes to our clients. We love to make changes that they thought was almost impossible, and we love to see our clients flourish and sparkle of joy. Among our clients are Novo Nordisk, Ørsted, Pandora, Chr. Hansen, Universal Robots, Novo Nordisk Fonden, Energinet.


This is what our previous and existing clients have to say about the sustainable and desirable work*life redesigns we have created in collaboration:

“I feel much LESS STRESS”

“I ENJOY work more”


“I use my ENERGY consciously and know what I’m aming for.”

“It’s really given me a new QUALITY OF LIFE”

“My PRODUCTIVITY level is higher in general”

“I’m much SHARPER because I have more time to focus”

“I’m much FASTER at understanding a new topic area”

“The biggest change is that it is now LEGIT TO DESIGN my own workday in a manner that makes me feel the most productive”

“I DON’T FEEL GUILTY ANYMORE when I start my workday at home or go to the gym in the afternoon.”

“The level of TRUST in our department is much higher”

“It has an ACCUMMULATIVE EFFECT when one person gets better at prioritizing then everybody gets better”

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The Big Book

of Sustainable & Desirable Worklife Strategies

One of our major accomplicements at the moment is that we are writing a book about how to create sustainable and desirable worklife strategies. Fortunately, we are not writing it alone hence our amazing clients such as  Novo Nordisk , Ørsted, CHR. Hansen, Energiøerne, OurUnits and Universal Robots are writing it with us. In the book you will meet executive leadership and team members who elaborate about the transformation they have been going through while working with new ways of working in collaboration with FUTUREWORKS Cph.

The book is providing you with the FURTUREWORKS framework, client cases, the experimental tools and leadership advice.


FUTUREWORKS was founded in 2019 by three great friends who loved spending time together. We called our worklife ‘the fun side’. We were all thought-leaders in the fields of new ways of working, innovation, digitalization and exponential technologies. We started a quest together where we wanted to find out how to create everyday work-life magic. Through massive research of +100 innovative companies and innovative individuals, four day work-weeks, four hour work-weeks and other inspiring new ways of working we developed the ground stones of what is the FUTUREWORKS framework today.

Living the life at its fullest lead two of the three partners on to new and exciting life paths. Now FUTUREWORKS is lead solely by the inspirational Susanne Odgaard, who in her earlier carrier has built innovation agencies in both Copenhagen, New York and Barcelona working with some of the most innovative companies and individuals of the world.

FUTUREWORKS has its office at the Charlottenlund Castle campus, just 7km from the city center of Copenhagen. It provides a great environment for off-sites, workshops and coaching with the immersive interior of the castle and the magical surroundings of forrest and seaside.

About Susanne Odgaard

Susanne Odgaard is one of the original founders of FUTUREWORKS. Now she runs the company. For two decades she has been working as a C-suite coach, mentor and strategic advisor. She is a trusted board member, keynote speaker and executive network founder.


Key contact person at FUTUREWORKS is:

Susanne Odgaard

+45 25392146

FUTUREWORKS CPH – rethinking work/life

Charlottenlund Palace

Jægersborg Allé 1

DK-2920 Charlottenlund